My research interests include human information behavior, human computer interaction, and digital technology in everyday life; personal digital archiving (PDA), personal information management, and digital recordkeeping practices; archives and preservation of digital documentary heritage; and personal digital data analysis, data curation, and digital humanities.

I completed PhD in Information Studies from the School of Information, the University of Texas at Austin. I hold a master's degree in Information Studies from University at Albany and a bachelor's degree in History and Art History from Ewha woman's University.


Under the guidance of Dr. Pat Galloway, my dissertation study, titled "Personal Digital Archives: Preservation of Documents, Preservation of Self," applies the concepts of archives and digital preservation to ordinary individuals' lives beyond the traditional boundary of institutional archives.

I explored how people preserve their digital documents and naturally build their own personal and/or family digital archives in the context of their lives. I understand "archiving" as more than a mere activity of data backing-up, but as a life-long process through which people naturally construct a collection of digital documents that have meanings and values to their lives. Personal digital archiving is about preserving one' life experiences, memories, social interactions, and therefore one's self.

I believe that digital documents produced by contemporary individuals are an important cultural heritage that allows us to look back on our past as well as plan the future, personally and collectively. They have various social, historical, and cultural values for us and for future generations.

Doctoral Committee
Dr. Patricia Galloway, Associate Professor, (Committee Chair)
Dr. Philip Doty, Associate Dean
Dr. Ciaran Trace, Assistant Professor
Dr. Emilo Zamora, Professor
Dr. Don Davis, Emeritus Professor